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Providing Industry Leading Products & Services

LST can handle all of your service needs.  From troubleshooting, equipment replacement or monitoring we are your service provider.

     Life Safety Technologies, LLC is proud to offer:

     Fire extinguisher inspections and on-site maintenance

     Kitchen hood system inspections and on-site maintenance

     Industrial extinguishing systems inspections and on-site maintenance

     Emergency and exit lighting inspections and on-site maintenance

     Supply and installation of new extinguishing equipment

     Personnel training and certification on fire extinguisher operation

     Supply and installation of new fire alarm equipment

     Monitoring services via our UL listed central station and CyphRNet

     Annual fire alarm acceptance testing

     Supply and installation of fire sprinkler life safety systems

     Annual sprinkler inspections and testing

     Annual sprinkler backflow acceptance testing

     Radio mesh network alarm monitoring with our private network CyphRNet™ .       


     Ask us how this can save you money on monthly monitoring and provide speed,                     security and reliability to your system.

     Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding               maintaining code compliant fire alarm systems.

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